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TIPS- Become a Successful Flea Market Vendor

1. Attractive display
Merchandise your booth and make it look good. Shoppers can’t buy things they can’t see, or worse, can’t reach. Consider rotating stock so that it appears you are always getting new items, rather than the same merchandise on the shelf week after week.

2. Get to know your customers and be friendly!
Too loud and pushy can drive customers away, but selling while sitting in the corner reading a book is very difficult

3. Don’t have what they are looking for? Help them find it!
What goes around comes around. It is always good to work together with other vendors. Being a vendor at the St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market means being a part of a team.

4. Price reasonably
In general more successful vendors have more attractive prices and are constantly replenishing their stock. If an item isn’t moving, lower the price even if you are going to take a loss. It doesn’t make sense to keep it around taking up valuable sales space. Be prepared to negotiate with shoppers. People come to the market to make deals.

5. Watch other successful vendors
It is easy to spot the successful vendor. They are the ones who always have a large crowd around their booth. Take the time to watch them. There is no better place to learn successful techniques.

6. Find a good product and become an expert
Know your stuff. You could be the best salesperson in the world, but if you are selling a product that is not desirable, you will not do well. Do your research before signing up.

7. A bad weather day can be your friend
Believe it or not–a thunderstorm can be help your sales. This advice is for vendors who sell at outdoor flea markets. Many sellers have told me they have their best sales days when the weather is not the best. Why? If it is raining in the morning, many vendors choose to stay at home. The professional vendors will still set up because they know that when the weather breaks, the customers will start to flow in. The vendors who are still there will enjoy much less competition for these customers’ dollars. The customers who do come out on these days are usually the die-hards who like spending their money.

8. Social media
Do it! It is FREE! Join in on the conversation with the St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market social media

9. Free advertising
Start listing your business on Kijiji, and make sure you list the St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market address in your ad, along with our logo and a map. These ads are free and many of our successful vendors have found this to be a wonderful way to generate new business.

10. Give it a couple weeks
It takes some time for people to get to know you. Don’t give up just as they are ready to start spending!

Did you know? Many of our successful vendors have eventually gone on to open thriving retail operations.